Mastercard may apply biometrics to U.S. subways using face recognition + gait recognition

According to media reports, the United States can introduce biometric technology, passengers don’t have to swipe a card or buy a ticket to take the subway..
MasterCard has partnered with transport companies to develop the technology, according to its executive.

Mastercard said it will use biometric technology, such as face recognition and gait recognition, as a tool for identifying people. The MasterCard app allows users to take selfies to identify identity-related data that is synchronized with the database so they don’t have to buy tickets to travel on the subway.

MasterCard also believes biometrics are a good way to protect themselves when people complete payments, and hopes this will accelerate the development of digital payments.
It has become an important topic to explore the application of biometrics in payment.

The rapid popularity of 3D sensors allows you to make a person’s second ID card, with biometrics and fusion of live organisms. According to statistics, more than 70 countries have used biometric technology in their immigration programs.

In China, brush face payment has begun to promote, Alipay, WeChat payment has entered, China UnionPay’s face payment program has been put into use, but in the United States, biometric payment progress is not as fast as China’s rapid development.

There are many reasons for concern that the disclosure of personal biometric letters and the misuse of technology are the main reasons for the spread of biometric technology. In San Francisco and Somerville passed bills banning facial recognition,this further hinders the development of biometric payments.

Currently, Mastercard is revealed to have relevant plans, did not reveal the degree of progress, online information such as time or online city, also did not say whether really will use facial recognition + gait recognition biometric payment scheme, Mastercard’s President of network and smart solutions says mastercard is considering a number of biometrics as payment methods.

Some experts believe that “biological information is the last line of defense for personal information security”, and advise users not to upload personal photos. Although biometrics technology is widely used, the security problems it brings still exist: On the one hand, the recognition degree of the technology itself and other factors, including the accuracy and applicability of biometrics, make biometrics data easy to be copied and cheated. On the other hand, the occurrence of the relevant incident of data leakage, but also the urgent need for regulation of relevant laws and regulations, but also needs the relevant regulatory authorities to improve surveillance.