PayPal holds seventh annual China cross-border e-commerce conference

One of the world’s leading open electronic payment platforms, PayPal hosted the seventh PayPal China cross-border e-commerce conference,

PayPal introduced the upcoming new payment solutions in the conference to help boost the business growth of China’s cross-border e-commerce merchants and to steadily develop overseas emerging markets.


PayPal representatives joined hands with business partners, industry experts and more than 900 cross-border e-commerce merchants in China’s cross-border e-commerce ecological chain to discuss challenges facing the cross-border e-commerce industry under the global economic situation and new opportunities in the emerging market of cross-border e-commerce.

PayPal has also invited a number of business partners, including ebay, AliExpress, Google, Facebook, Shopify, and others, to give the merchant a better understanding of the industry’s value chain while at the same time adapting its global layout.


In order to help Chinese merchants seize the latest development opportunities brought by the global cross-border e-commerce market, PayPal provided numerous first-hand information and expert interpretations in this year’s cross-border e-commerce conference.


This information includes the global consumer trends insights and cross-border shopping trend analysis of the PayPal market Research department, as well as the share and advice of the Indian market by Anupam Pahuja, general manager of PayPal India.

Huberti, Vice president and general manager of PayPal China, attended the meeting, and said PayPal is concerned about the business development of Chinese merchants, and is committed to continuously explore and introduce new value-added services to address and meet the challenges and needs they face.