Razer plans to launch Razer Pay in Singapore

Razer founder, Chen Minliang, said on Facebook that the company submitted a 33-page e-payment proposal to the Government of Singapore a year ago and detailed a plan to promote a cash-free economy in Singapore.

At that time, the company had pledged to continue to support the development of the electronic payment framework and to assist any third-party electronic payment provider with traction, and if there were no relevant third-party e-payment providers, the company would introduce Razer pay, It is expected that 1 million e-wallets will be issued in Singapore before April 2019.

He pointed out that, in addition to a $100 million acquisition of the large Electronic Payment network MOL in Southeast Asia over the past year, the company also cooperated with Singapore Telecom SingTel and UOB, and also launched Razer pay in Malaysia in July.

As no other retail electronic payment service providers are being actively developed, the company plans to introduce Razer pay in Singapore in the first quarter or before next year.
Razer is one of the game equipment brands founded in San Diego, California in 1998 by CEO min-liang Tan and Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff.