Public transport in the Ukrainian capital will accept bitcoin payments

Back in August 2018, it was reported that the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, planned to introduce the use of Bitcoin (BTC) to pay for the city’s buses. However, the plan failed to come true, but Kiev is trying to move the process forward for a second time.

The introduction of BTC payments in Kiev’s public transport system is part of the city’s plan to revamp its public transport sector. In February 2019, the Kyiv smart card, a prepaid card that can use the city’s various public transportation vehicles, went on sale.

Kiev plans to use an electronic ticketing system to establish the entire public transport system by 2024. Like dubai’s NOL card and Argentina’s SUBE travel card, Kyiv smart CARDS can also be used for subways, buses, trams, taxi lines, electric trains, etc.

Large cities around the world are turning to electronic systems to simplify the commuting process of locals and tourists in metropolises.

Argentine cities have reportedly allowed bitcoin as a way to pay the credit card balance of SUBE travel cards.

For Kiev officials, they hope that the development of electronic ticketing will contribute to the adoption of BTC. There are also plans to launch a unified Bitcoin ticket on all public transport in Kiev in the future.

If approved, the move would greatly boost the reputation of BTC and cryptocurrencies in Ukraine.In mid-2018, the head of Ukraine’s securities commission called for the legalization of many cryptocurrencies, saying the world had passed the “” no way back” “on cryptocurrencies.