QR code payment will become a thing of the past and face scan payment will soon be commercially available on a large scale

Introduction:PAYPAY.ME our website has been reported before, Alibaba’s Alipay “ face scan payment ” landed at Hong Kong airport, At the China international retail innovation conference 2019 in Shanghai, China, the payment giants involved in the conference all said that face scan payment is about to be commercially available on a large scale.

For consumers, out of the house, the most afraid of what? Forgot to bring your wallet? The cell phone signal is not good? Don’t have enough power on your phone? Too much stuff on your hands to take out your phone to sweep the code to pay? Forgot to take the phone out?

The above situation from now on do not have to worry about! Why is that? Because even if you don’t have a cell phone, it’s enough to rely on your face!

Because the era of “eating on the face” is coming. Brush face payment is going to be on the stage!

At the 2019 China International Retail Innovation Conference held in Shanghai, China, the industry generally agreed that with the development of face recognition technology, brush face payment will gradually replace the current QR code payment and other ways, become the mainstream mobile payment method.

facial recognition payments are quietly on the rise

Recently, WeChat payment launched face payment device “frog”, Alipay launched face payment device “dragonfly”, set off a mobile payment market face scan payment wave.

And China unionpay’s face-brushing payment solution was also unveiled at the 7th China international self-service expo.

Face recognition technology is becoming the next frontier in the mobile payment market.

Payment technology from credit card to QR code, to brush face payment, face payment may be an ultimate solution. After all, the face is irreplaceable, and it is expected that the face payment will be fully popular within 3 years.

Why do face-brushing payments become popular? Because it’s fast! At present, mobile phone payment needs more steps, brush face payment only need to brush their own face has been paid well.

Artificial intelligence is the inevitable trend of retail industry development

From the perspective of the industry, from brush face payment to change payment habits, artificial intelligence to predict consumer trends, to big data precision marketing, the formation of the closed loop of data ecology makes the Internet of everything a reality.

After mobile payment and other technologies, AR, VR technology and the Internet of things in 5G environment will comprehensively change the shape of the retail industry in the future. Artificial intelligence and digital application will improve efficiency and cost, and thousands of stores, precise ordering and efficient personnel management will be supported along with the digitization process.

Lin jinghua, vice-president of tencent, said that the next step in the digitalization of retail industry is to break through the boundary of people and goods yard, not only in the digitalization of stores. “The beginning of the digital transformation of retail is to break the boundaries of time and space to make increments, even when the store is not open, when users can’t reach the shop, but also to do business.”