Reveal the 27.96 billion euro Spanish e-commerce market

Spain is one of the alpine countries of Europe and a market of great concern for cross-border e-commerce.

Spain has a population of 46 million and a gross domestic product of $1.2 trillion, according to Eshopworld data. Spain’s gross domestic product is now at $27921 trillion and is expected to reach $32098 trillion by 2021. Spain ranks 44th among the world’s per capita GDP.

According to new research by the Ecommerce Foundation (e-Commerce Foundation), the Spanish e-commerce market was worth 27.96 billion euros last year, up 17% from 2017. The Spanish e-commerce market is expected to grow 20% this year to 33.56 billion euros, according to estimates. The study also showed that the country’s e-commerce sales will account for 2.69 percent of its gross domestic product this year, compared with 2.33 percent last year.

63% of spaniards are shopping online

The Ecommerce Foundation estimates that the proportion of Spanish online shoppers this year will rise slightly by 1% from 63% last year.

In addition, Spanish online shoppers will spend an average of 1,304 euros online this year, nearly 200 euros more than in 2018.

It is understood that Spanish consumers are keen on online shopping, mainly because they can enjoy direct door-to-door services, other reasons can be all-weather shopping and online purchase of goods cheaper.

Spain currently has 23.6 million e-commerce users. In age groups, 97% of e-commerce users per day in the 16-24 age group log on to the e-commerce website, which is 96% in the 25-34 age group and 33-44 in the 93% age bracket. In the older age group, the indicator has been reduced considerably, and e-commerce users in the 45-55 age group have logged on to the e-commerce site for about 85% per day, more than 55 years of age, and the indicator is only 81%.

Spanish consumers prefer shopping on Privalia and Rakuten, as well as amazon, 101gigas and ebay.

In 2017, half of Spanish online consumers made online purchases via mobile devices, up 15% from 2016.

The main equipment used by Spanish consumers in online shopping

Spain currently has a 76% Internet penetration rate, which will reach 79% by 2021. Smartphone penetration is 65% and is expected to grow to 73% by 2021.

Over the past year, more than half of Spanish consumers used smartphones and laptops for shopping, while only 35 percent used desktop computers to shop online, compared with just 4 percent using smart speakers and streaming devices.

Popular payment methods in Spain

Spain’s most popular form of payment remains online payment methods (63%), such as PayPal or Amazon pay. Other popular payment methods include debit cards (56%) and credit cards (49%).

Of course, electronic wallets are also quite popular. Among those using e-wallets, 88.86% use PayPal or Amazon Pay for online payment, and 6.14% use Stripe payment.

The category with the highest return rate in Spain

Clothing, shoes and consumer electronics are the most returned items in Spanish e-commerce transactions, and clothing and consumer electronics are also the most purchased product category in Spain. In this category, Spanish consumers are keener to buy online.

Top 10 e-commerce platforms in Spain:

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  1. Ebay. es (independent e-commerce website) platform) (e-commerce independent website) (an independent website for e-commerce) (independent website for e-commerce)