“sky-high price”-4.3 billion euros, the European Union issued a hefty ticket to Google’s Android system

Guide: The European Union on the 18th cites the EU anti-monopoly law to severely punish Google for 4.34 billion euros, and the US Internet giant Google has again “heavy” to create another EU penal record.


                                  Image from China News

Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission’s antitrust commissioner, held a press conference on July 18, Brussels, Belgium, China News Network reported.

The European Union’s antitrust investigation has focused on Android, which dominates mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, with Google.

According to the European Commission’s 18 announcement this month, the European Union accuses Google of exploiting the dominance of the Android mobile operating system in the EU market since 2011, seeking an unfair competitive advantage for Google’s search engine.

The announcement raised a number of specific allegations, such as Google’s demand for mobile phone manufacturers to preinstall Google search and browser applications to use the Google App Store, by providing subsidies to mobile phone manufacturers and mobile network operators to pre-installed only Google search applications, not pre-installed with Google Apps mobile phone manufacturers to sell other versions of Android system ( Mobile devices, etc. without the approval of Google Inc.

In a notice, the Commissioner for Competition Affairs of the European Commission, Vestag, said that Google has used Android to strengthen its search engine dominance, but it has used improper means to suppress competitors, resulting in consumers not enjoying the benefits of full competition. This is an illegal act that violates EU anti-monopoly regulations.”

The announcement said that Google must “rectification” within 90 days, to completely stop these acts, such as refusal to implement, Google will face the parent company’s global daily income of 5% of the fine.

18th, the European Union “sky-high ticket” once announced, public opinion immediately big wow.

According to media estimates, 4.34 billion euros is the equivalent of the Dutch budget to the EU each year, and the European Union says the fines are based on the European Economic Area (including EU Member States and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), which is measured by Google’s search engine’s advertising revenue from Android devices.

In addition to the heavy penalties imposed on Google’s android system, the European Union last June ruled that Google used its dominant search engine to manipulate online shopping search results, leading users to its own shopping service and eventually imposing a 2.42 billion euro fine on Google, a record in the European Union at the time.

In addition, the European Union is investigating Google’s search advertising service, suspecting that Google has been abusing its search engine dominance in the case by restricting third-party Web sites to rival search ads. In July 2016, the European Union initially cut Google’s lead.

What the editor wants to say about the penalty is that if Google android is a closed system, the phone makers and mobile network operators will pay for the system,I’m afraid it hurts the public, because the public have to spend more money on mobile phones.