The pilot of the explosion plane landed safely, and the female captain was hailed as an American hero.

This is the true American hero.”

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A U.S. airliner that lost an engine after an air blast has landed safely, and the pilot was praised for bravery and “iron will.”
Photo: passenger plane pilot and female captain tammy Joe shultz has been hailed as an American hero.
On Tuesday, the New York times reported that one person was killed on a Southwest Airlines flight from New York to Dallas on Tuesday, smashing a window.
Passengers described their fears and praised the pilot, captain Tammie Jo Shults (pictured above), who calmly steered the damaged plane down. Captain schultz was one of the first fighter pilots to be trained in the navy.
Photo: a passenger plane with an engine exploding.
Earlier, bloomberg reported that a Southwest Airlines Co. passenger jet had crashed on a passenger jet carrying 149 people, killing one passenger. The plane, which flew from New York’s laguardia airport to Dallas, made an emergency landing at Philadelphia international airport. Seven people suffered minor injuries.
“This is a sad day.” Gary Kelly, southwest’s chief executive, said in a video release from the company. “On behalf of all the southwest airlines, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the loved ones who died.”
The Wall Street journal reported on the 19th, a southwest airlines Boeing 737-700 aircraft, one of the two CFM56-7 b engine blowout, metal shrapnel on the fuselage, the engine failure accident that resulted in the deaths of passengers to aviation industry one of the most commonly used engine into focus.
The engine, made by CFM International, a joint venture between ge and France’s safran, has become a mainstay in commercial aviation, according to the report. Its engines power the single aisle of Boeing and airbus, the industry’s most common carrier.
Southwest airlines suffered a similar problem with the CFM56 engine two years ago, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing without causing casualties. The national transportation safety board says it will investigate whether the two CFM56 engine crashes in southwest airlines have common ground.
Photo: southwest airlines chief executive Gary Kelly.
Southwest airlines is also initially gathering information and working with regulators, engine makers and aircraft manufacturers to deal with the problem, according to the chief executive of southwest airlines. It is too early to comment on whether southwest airlines will be able to carry out additional inspections of aircraft, or limit flights.
Southwest’s jet engine explosion caused the crash and the death of a passenger, the first fatal accident involving a domestic airline since 2009, the report said.
Robert Sumwalt, chairman of the national transportation safety board (NTSB), confirmed the death at a press conference on Sunday. He will lead an investigation team from Washington to Philadelphia.
The last fatal accident involving a U.S. passenger airline was Feb. 12, 2009. A commuter flight operated by Colgan Air crashed near buffalo, New York, killing 49 people on board and killing one on the ground.
Samwater said the national transportation safety board had obtained the two black boxes from the southwest jet and transported them to the laboratory in Washington. He said the agency is sending experts on engine, air operations and passenger survival to the scene.
Photo: Robert sumwalt, President of the national transportation safety board (NTSB).
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