The scale of e-commerce in Pakistan continues to expand

Guide: Pakistan’s “Business Record” reported on June 19, with the increase in Pakistan’s 3G, 4G network coverage and the use of cheap smartphones, the number of e-commerce operators in Pakistan has increased by nearly 2.6 times.

According to the report,Pakistan is now the fastest growing country in South Asia for mobile and Internet users, with 40 million Internet users and 20 million facebook users.

This has prompted many retailers to start setting up websites or using online shopping malls to sell their products.

According to statistics, 2017 Pakistan e-commerce sales of $622 million, and to reach $1 billion by 2020, compared to the United States only amazon appliance merchant sales reached $2017 in 54.47 billion, Pakistan’s gap is still large, in contrast, but also has huge potential.

According to the report, in addition to the development of electronic technology, other factors including convenience of home shopping, product diversification and feedback from social media are also important to promote further growth of the e-commerce market.