UNCTAD reports :Kenya ranked third in Africa in online shoppers in 2017

The United Nations trade and development organization (UNCTAD) recently released a report, According to the data, the number of online shoppers in Kenya reached 2.61 million in 2017, a doubling from 2014, ranking third in Africa (the first two being South Africa, Nigeria).

At present, 24% of online users in Kenya have shopping online, mainly due to its high Internet penetration rate and the convenience of online payment. In terms of online payment environments, Kenya ranks in Africa VII, behind Mauritius, South Africa, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco and Ghana.
But online shopping risks have risen due to online crimes such as virus attacks.

Since 2014, the number of online shoppers in Africa has reportedly grown at an average annual rate of 18% per cent, higher than the global average of 12%, reaching 21.5 million in 2017, accounting for only 2% of the global population. Africa’s B2C market was worth $5.7 billion in 2017, accounting for just 0.5% of GDP.